Oppo Premium Designer Soft Case Cover | UV Printed Mobile Back Cover Girls for RealMe C3 | Oppo (Girl)

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Product Details
  • Design and Case Quality: Thanks to high precision design, RealMe C3 | Oppo case will fit perfectly on the phone and will look completely natural in your hand. Print on the RealMe C3 | Oppo is of excellent finishing and good quality ink.
  • Jacks and Ports Accessibility: RealMe C3 | Oppo case leaves fine access to all ports and touch located on the phone’s outer shell, so the functionality of the phone will work as normal. Also grip in hand is also kept in mind while making of RealMe C3 | Oppo Case.
  • No Hidden Fee: We are not charging any hidden fee like delivery charges. RealMe C3 | Oppo phone case is delivered without charging extra shipping rate.
  • Protection and Look: Superb protection and exquisite looks are our utmost responsibility while manufacturing RealMe C3
  • Durability: Durable RealMe C3 , Oppo phone cover that won’t increase total weight or size of the phone in any way.
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